The brief was to launch Russian Standard Vodka’s brand, to UK millennials, to raise awareness of and strengthen the personality of the brand by engaging with the audience two UK festivals and kick start Russian Standard Vodka’s new multi-million pound strategy.
DAVAI: [DA’VI]  Def: A quintessentially Russian phrase, equivalent of English “Let’s do it”.
Raise glass or a toast to the night ahead and say DAVAI! 

As a part of the design team, we produced and fully curated the Russian Standard’s “House of Davai.”  The arena introduced our audience to the brand and its core serves. It was aimed at establishing the brand as high-energy, vibrant and credible with millennials and was showcased at two key U.K. festivals: Lovebox and Wilderness.

To create a fully-immersive brand world, I drew inspiration from Russia’s classic architecture and updated it for a modern party environment – the perfect backdrop for vodka sampling. This look and feel was carried through from build (stage and bar area) to marketing materials to a specially selected range of cocktails.

Presentations for House of Davai altered based on the tone of the festivals in which it activated.
Lovebox boasted activities such as the Miss Russia Beauty Contest and Miss Russian Commandoes, who led festival-goers at the official after party. It also featured curation by Johnny Woo, delivering a tailored musical line-up. Wilderness played to a creative crowd, offering more sensory experiences including a reading of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and life drawing workshops.

The House of Davai was one of the most popular venues at Lovebox, with a constant party atmosphere. Over 72,400 serves of Russian Standard, the only vodka on site, were consumed over the weekend – 80% higher than in years past. 60% year on year vodka sales increase at Wilderness. 13 million audience reach nationally.

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